Happy Mother's Day

Hey everyone,

It”s been a crazy ride lately. My mom-in-law”s been in the hospital for about 6 weeks and so my life has centered around
care taking and interfacing with casino online all kinds of people and things in the world of modern medicine.

We all have or had moms, and some of us are moms. The world just wouldn”t be the same without them… and neither would we.

So here”s to the moms…. everywhere. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uMWfR_IAdtc

With gratitude,


New Addition….

So we were in St. Petersburg, Florida doing the video taping of the “Vicki Genfan Live” DVD with our great friends at Truefire It was Wednesday morning and we were just pulling out of the parking area, driving to the studio with Truefire”s Alison Hasbach when were flagged down by someone…. he asked if we knew of anyone that had lost their dog. We didn”t. He said there was a dog tied to a bush in the yard of the elderly man he was care taking and the dog looked really mean. Of course, Tay and Ali jumped out to see what was going on while I stayed in the car w/ Ali”s two dogs, nbso online casino reviews Kate and Kozmo.
Well, the rest is history. I swore I”d never have an animal while we were still traveling so online casino much – it”s a crazy life!!
But after we spent 3 days and nights with her, I just couldn”t walk away. So we took her. Her name”s Lucky (of course) – and we all are Lucky who meet her. She”s awesome. You”ll probably meet her too.

More to come….. heading back to New Jersey this weekend for a lovely house concert in Maplewood, NJ.

Peace and Love,


Getting Ready for the Road… again!

Hey all!

We made it through the holidays…. hopefully with joy and laughter and lot”s of great food and people around. 2012 will be a GREAT year. It just has to be. That”s all there is to it.

I”m coming into my 6th week off of sugar. What an amazing ordeal! I”ve been working with Dr. Mark Hyman”s program, “Ultra Metabolism“. Check it out if you”re interested in a smart program to help you detox and develop great new eating and cooking habits. I”ve been cooking A LOT online casino and really getting into it.

I”m currently in North Carolina at the “Cabin”, getting ready to head out west for the annual NAMM convention. I”ll be one of the featured artists on the Saturday night
Muriel Anderson All Star Guitar Night – part of an AMAZING line up.

I”d LOVE to see you on the road – and here”s some helpful info about when and where I”ll be and dates I”m still trying to fill with house concerts. These can be small or large, totally up to YOU. If you haven”t hosted a concert yet, make 2012 the year to start! It”s an awesome way to support live music and connect with friends and family! Contact me with questions. These are the places we”re currently looking at stopping:

Nashville TN, Austin TX, Phoenix AZ.

Do any of you live there? Let me know!!!

I”ll have some pictures soon of the latest Van additions… Tay”s been BUSY.

That”s it for now….


Vicki 🙂

Almost 2012…..

Wow, I”ve been remiss in writing this blog. I”m making a New Year”s resolution to write, even if I can”t think of a thing to say.
Just because I appreciate you, the reader, who cares enough about my music to tune in every once in a while and see what”s up.

I always think I have to have exciting news, links, photos, videos, etc. in order to make this casino online a place you”d like to come back to.
Well, today I”m just writing to say hi. I made it through Christmas, had a wonderful time with people I love. I hope the same was
true for you. I”m looking forward to a New Year, with all its new possibilities and limitless openings. I look forward to sharing new
music and new ideas and inspirations with all of you who are following along.

That”s it for now – I”ll be back!!!!!

Happy and Healthy 2012 to all…



Enter to win a Luna Vicki Genfan Signature Guitar!

The VG Signature....

Hi Everyone,

I was actually home in New Jersey for the crazy snow storm last Saturday. I refuse to believe it”s a sign of a bad winter. Fatally optimistic.

Getting ready to head upstate this weekend for shows in Ithaca and Earlville, NY, but first wanted to tell you all about the contest.
It”s an annual GUITAR GIVEAWAY! Thanks to the Luna Guitar family, I”m online casino able to give one of YOU the beautiful VG Signature Guitar they make. All you have to do to be entered is be on my email list which you can do right here on this page – and here”s where to read about and hear the guitar….

We do the drawing on December 15th. We”ll notify the winner by email as well as post your name here on my website. If you”re outside the US you”ll have to cover shipping. That”s it!

By the way – hope you had a Happy Halloween!



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