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"From first to last song this is an album of gorgeousness that simply gets better track-on-track, ‘Something Blue’ offers its bluesy and potent message, ‘Malaya’ in turn casts a hypnotic spell, while ‘Weekday Heartbreak’ makes an undeniable statement. Does it sound as though I’m recommending this album? I certainly hope so. " - Tim Carroll - In the Shadow of a Small Mountain»

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The Acoustic Rhythm Guitar Cookbook has been designed to introduce you to 23 harmonic and rhythmic embellishments that will add new flavor and new possibilities to your guitar parts. I’ve chosen 10 popular chord progressions across 20 performance studies to give you an idea of how you might put these ‘ingredients’ to use in songs you’re working on, already playing or writing. Late beginner - Intermediate levels welcome. Great course is you're a songwriter and if you're looking for ways to add your own voice to your cover tune arrangements! Watch Promo Video!»
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