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"Acoustic Rhythm and Groove"... is a place you come when you need to forge new ground, when you feel "stuck" in your playing, writing or arranging. It's the place you want to be to develop or continue developing your "own" sound and your "own" voice on the guitar. Enroll Now»


"From first to last song this is an album of gorgeousness that simply gets better track-on-track, ‘Something Blue’ offers its bluesy and potent message, ‘Malaya’ in turn casts a hypnotic spell, while ‘Weekday Heartbreak’ makes an undeniable statement. Does it sound as though I’m recommending this album? I certainly hope so. " - Tim Carroll - In the Shadow of a Small Mountain»

Instructional Video

Check Out My New Instructional Video: "Essentials: Open Tuning" where I explore 11 colorful and versatile open tunings that you can use for original compositions, arrangements, vamps, jams and creative development. Learn More»
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