Is Vicki coming to your town?

Hey ALL!

For those of you who follow me on Twitter or Facebook – I”ve been really loving your answers to my questions. Thanks for sharing! When I asked you if you had any questions for me, there were quite a few of you who asked similar questions and I”m gonna do my best to answer them in Blog-form.

For any of you who aren”t Tweeting or Face Booking, I”ve created a NEW Instructional Course called “30 Strumming Patterns you MUST know” and it”s slated for an APRIL release. As a “warm up”, I”m posting some FREE lessons to get the word out. Check them out on Youtube! Here”s the first one, and the second….ENJOY!

A lot of you wanted to know if and when I”d be in your neck of the woods. I thought I”d show you my upcoming year (as best as I can at this point) and let you see if we might cross paths. One of the cool things happening this year is that I”ve been working with Luna Guitars and Guitar Centers across the country in a series of Workshop-Performances. The next bunch are happening in May in Dit betekent niet dat u niet bij de online casino sites kunt gokken! De website van het casino is vaak in het Engels, de casino software is wel gewoon Nederlands! Een website die we u van harte aan kunnen raden als u naast onze online casino reviews naar nog meer info op zoek bent is deonlinecasinos. California. If there are enough requests for me to come to a online casino particular city I can see about arranging something there through Guitar Center and with the addition of a HOUSE CONCERT or two, it would make it financially viable!!

So, this is where I”ll be…. so far, in the upcoming months. “Home” rotates between New Jersey and North Carolina, so that”s where I am in between the dates listed below. Check back at the website for details:

10-13 – Musik Messe – Frankfurt, Germany
16-24 – Various gigs throughout Germany (Check website for exact dates and locations)
27-May 4 – New Jersey

6-17 -California (Southern and Northern)

6-10 – Texas – Austin, San Marcos

26 – Aug.4 – North Carolina (Asheville area)

9-17 – Florida (St.Pete/Tampa area)

12- October 7 – GERMANY/DENMARK

9- November 8 – New York, New Jersey, North Carolina (near Winston Salem, Charlotte)

11-25 – UK

That”s it for now.

Thank you – as always – for tuning in and chiming in. I LOVE hearing from you. I hope to cross paths along the way very SOON. HAPPY SPRING TO ALL!

Love and Peace,


Rosie the Riveter

Happy Labor Day!

I have to admit, I never really knew the story behind “Rosie the Riveter” until today….and now I”ve found the song to go with it –
Awesome!!! Check out the history behind it all… bringing Whether it is for your home, small business or corporate office, Get have a range of products to meet your casino pa natet data recovery and productivity needs. women into the work force during WW II.  This site talks about the origin of the song, J. Howard Miller”s and Norman Rockwell”s illustrations
of “Rosie”.

Peace Out,



OOPS!! Wrong tuning for “Watchtower”…. here it is: C-G-Eb-F-Bb-D. I play it in the key of Cm so the chords are best online casino Cm-Bb-Ab. I go to the relative minor of the Ab chord sometimes which is Fm. Try it!!

Peace out,

Tracking the Creative Process: All Along the Watchtower

I was asked to perform in a Bob Dylan tribute concert last May to celebrate his 70th birthday… but I didn”t know any Dylan songs. I”m ashamed to say I didn”t know “All Along the Watchtower” and I certainly didn”t know that Hendrix made it ultra famous! I decided to do a “Vicki” version of it for the concert.

The first step I take is I listen to 4 totally different versions already done: Dylan”sHendrix”sMichael Hedges” and Dave Matthews”.

What happens in my head at this point is that I realize I don”t and can”t sound like any of these folks… and that”s OK! But I get the “essence” of the song. I begin to let the chord changes roll around inside my ears, my head, my emotions. Then I look for a guitar tuning. Since there are only 3 chords in this song, and it”s chorus is the same as its verses I decide I should find online casino a tuning that is rather complex,  or at least a tuning that allows me to easily play these three chords (Dm, C, Bb) in new ways that bring some different voicings, or colors to the song. I think I”m going to want the tuning that I use for the Doobie Brother”s song, “Long Train Running” which is: D-A-D-F-A-C. I try it. I find the chords. I find some additional chords that I can “substitute” for the original chords… I”m liking it. It”s a keeper!

So then I think to myself…. “not quite”. I could try some of the “slap-tap” technique that I am known to do. But that”s not quite giving me what I want. I grab this very cool capo created by my friend, Bob Kilgore – the “Harmonic Capo“… and that”s it! I”ve got the sound that I want, the emotional “mood” and something to make this very famous and well known song sound “unique”.

Here”s a performance of it I did last month at the Swannanoa Gathering “Faculty Concert”. I”m joined by Danny Ellis on vocals and trombone and
Andrew (Finn) Magill on fiddle.


Can”t even believe it”s AUGUST!!

Today, I actually caught a fish at this unbelievable pond in Mt. Airy, North Carolina. My niece and nephew are here for the week and we”re trying to have as much fun as we can fit into 4 1/2 days. They so rock.

I just got back from a week at Swanannoa Gathering teaching “guitar week”. Some of my amazing colleagues were Sean McGowan, Danny Ellis, Al Pettiway, Steve Baughman, Cliff Eberhardt, Cheryl Wheeler and the casino online rest. I am SO LUCKY!!

Just heard from a former “Guitar Sherpa” student who has re-ignited his on line lessons with me. Welcome back Sandro!

Love always,


Steve and Vicki

Me and Danny at Swanannoa Gathering

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