Favorite Moments from the road…

Since last November, we”ve pretty much been on the road. I”m writing now from our cabin in North Carolina where we”ve been for the last few days in between two gigs.  I had a great time opening up for Lacy Green last Saturday for her CD release party. Her new CD was produced by Nashville “hit maker”, Ronnie Bowman. The night was filled with great music and great musicians…

Lacy Green, Vicki & Kristy Jackson

Next Saturday we go to one my favorite places, Asheville, NC. Besides being the home of an amazing Gluten Free restaraunt, Posana Cafe – it”s absolutely beautiful and a very forward thinking place to hang. I”ll be doing a workshop and concert at the Dream Guitars headquarters. Owned by mobile casino Paul Heumiller, Dream Guitars sells some of the finest hand made guitars in the world.  The idea was to gather together the finest guitars in the world and to offer them in an honorable fashion with real expertise and guidance.  They”re great folks with an amazing selection of instruments. Looking forward to being there this weekend.

Private lessons with Guitar Sherpa are starting to build momentum…. I”m excited to be able to work with people from all over the world! Right now I”ve got a student from online casino New Zealand, Vietnam and maybe Italy!

Thursday I get to do some co-writing with award winning writer, Kristy Jackson – another amazingly talented woman! Really looking forward to this, as I”ve got  a ton of new musical ideas just waiting to turn into songs!!

The world keeps getting crazier every day, but I”m grateful that for the time being I””m able to keep on doing this thing I love so much – write, record and play music, and that I get to meet so many wonderful people all over the world while doing it. Thanks to all of you reading this for your interest and support.

Two years ago yesterday, the world lost a great musician, audio technician and human being, Bruce Bowes. His memory lives on through all the people that will continue to love him….

Ocean in Northern Ireland...missing Bruce Bowes.

Until next time,


Truefire's Brad Wendkos and Vicki hashing out her new course at the studio.

Finally back home….

Finally back home in NJ…. after almost a solid year on the road! It”s good to be here, but the mountains of mail – mostly “junk” – are bewildering!

I had the good fortune of spending time with the Harris family of the Harwood Podcast Network in California last month, and they do a wonderful bunch of podcasts – from cooking to help with computer programs to MUSIC! Here”s a link to the Interview they did with me. I”m performing “Cause of You and Atomic Reshuffle. They”ve done a fantastic job! Here”s a link to the “single” – Atomic Reshuffle.

Two weeks ago, the wonderful folks at Truefire released my 2nd Instructional DVD, “Acoustic Rhythm Guitar Survival Guide”! This course is for any guitarist who wants to take their rhythm playing to the next level. It”s a lot of fun and I”m thrilled to have it finally out in the world. You can see the promotional video here.

Brad at the helm!


Tay, Billy Stern and Vicki

One of our concerts was a benefit for one of my favorite organizations, “Guitars in the Classroom” (GITC) and I got to talking with the host of the evening, Billy Stern. He turned me on to the welcome address for the Freshman class given by Karl Paulnack, pianist and director of the music division at Boston Concservatory. The whole piece is rather long, but here”s the ending of it:

The responsibility I will charge your online casinos sons and daughters with is this: “If we were a medical school, and you were here as a med student practicing appendectomies, you”d take your work very seriously because you would imagine that some night at two AM someone is going to casino online waltz into your emergency room and you”re going to have to save their life. Well, my friends, someday at 8 PM someone is going to walk into your concert hall and bring you a mind that is confused, a heart that is overwhelmed, a soul that is weary.

Whether they go out whole again will The benefit to our customers is that they can be confident that their drug samples are being collected following strict protocols, chain of custody is maintained at all times and that any questions relating to a random drug tests can be answered in a competent manner. depend partly on how well you do your craft. You”re not here to become an entertainer, and you don”t have to sell yourself. The truth is you don”t have anything to sell; being a musician isn”t about dispensing a product, like selling used Chevies. I”m not an entertainer; I”m a lot closer to a paramedic, a firefighter, a rescue worker. You”re here to become a sort of therapist for the human soul, a spiritual version of a chiropractor, physical therapist, someone who works with our insides to see if they get things to line up, to see if we can come into harmony with ourselves and be healthy and happy and well.

Frankly, ladies and gentlemen, I expect you not only to master music; I expect you to save the planet. If there is a future wave of wellness on this planet, of harmony, of peace, of an end to war, of mutual understanding, of equality, of fairness, I don”t expect it will come from a government, a military force or a corporation.  I no longer even expect it to come from the religions of the world, which together seem to have brought us as much war as they have peace. If there is a future of peace for humankind, if there is to be an understanding of how these invisible, internal things should fit together, I expect it will come from the artists, because that”s what we do. As in the concentration camp and the evening of 9/11, the artists are the ones who might be able to help us with our internal, invisible lives.”

I will leave you with that…. more very soon.



Tay, Billy Stern & Vicki

The crew - 'Live from Bay 6' podcast

Austin to Missouri…Luna Clinics

Luna Spread at Austin's 'Wild About Music'

Hey there,
Sorry for the lapse in blog-dom. It”s been an intense 3 weeks or so as my nephew underwent 3 surgerys in his brain. Not a fun thing. He”s 15yrs. old and a very strong spirit! He”s recovering brilliantly, but it”s hard work. I”m in Texas with him and his family to contribute to the post surgical healing. Got my tuning forks out and buzzing him as much as I can (check out the “Tuning In” section of the website for more info on the sound healing work I do).

I”m at the Bergstrom International Airport in Austin, waiting to board for a flight to Kansas City, MO. I”ve got 3 Luna Guitar Clinics starting tonight. Looking forward to having the guitar in my hands for an extended period of time!

Been working on a new arrangement of “Free Fallin”…written by Tom Petty, but I”m basing my arrangement on the John Mayer version, one of the most beautiful I”ve heard.. My twist will be playing it on the 6 string banjo. That is such a cool instrument. Planning to bring that along with me best online casino whenever possible.

I ran into the coolest music store in Austin two days ago…totally by mistake – Wild About Music. The folks at Luna kept telling me about the store and its owner, but I never connected. Here”s a pic of their awesome Luna Guitar layout – one of the nicest I”ve seen!

A Day Later….

Last night”s clinic at Lanham Music was a lot of fun – had some very young attendees, I think my youngest was Reagan who is 5! Love it. And the only one who had the nerve to take out his guitar and play along with me as I taught “thumb slapping” was Joseph who is about 10. You go Joe! Tonight we”re in Springfield, MO – clinic starts at 6:30. See you there!

More soon –

Peace out,

Whole Milk

Ok – well here we are, on the highway again. This time it”s the Pennsylvania Turnpike. We”re at a rest stop called “Lawn”… is there really a town named “Lawn”? We”re on our way to Texas for a month of hanging with my nephew who”s undergoing some pretty tricky medical procedures. Hoping to be of help.

Meanwhile, I have to report that I recently had a birthday and it could be that I”m not getting younger. I just asked the woman waiting on me at Starbucks (they have the only Med tanke pa hur manga som idag har smarttelefoner sa kanske du inte blir forvanad om jag sager att det aven blivit allt mer populart med mobil online casino sverige saval i Sverige som i resten av varlden? En hel del casinofantaster reagerade redan nar natcasinon pa datorer borjade bli populara – varfor skulle nagon vilja satta sig […]Med tanke pa hur manga som idag har smarttelefoner sa kanske du inte blir forvanad om jag sager att det aven blivit allt mer populart med mobil online casino sverige saval i Sverige som i resten av varlden?En hel casino online del casinofantaster reagerade redan nar natcasinon pa datorer borjade bli populara – varfor skulle nagon vilja satta sig vid en dator och spela istallet for att dra till Vegas? Sen borjade dock allt fler prova pa och inse att det faktiskt finns riktigt fina fordelar med natcasinon, som t. decent decaf on the road, ok?) for “regular” milk and got the response I”ve been getting lately – “You mean 2%?”. So, there it is… I”m old enough that “whole milk” is no longer the “regular” of milk.

Don”t forget to visit me at my Guitar Sherpa site and find out about how you can get individualized one-to-one instruction from me from anywhere in the world!

RIP Clarence Clemons! Thanks for sharing all the great music… you will be missed. I was lucky enough to open for him way back in the 80″s in Boston.

Peace out,


Happy Birthday!

I”ve been gluten, dairy and soy free for over 10 years. When I found this Rice Whip today at Whole Foods Market, my life was forever changed…

my birthday present to me

The past days have been dealing with major Van issues…. we were stranded in Staunton, VA – but we were definitely protected. We lost our battery, alternator and finally, the breaks! We got outta there late Monday and arrived safe and sound at our cabin in Ararat, NC. Tuesday morning I was greeted with a flat tire – but again, our “Van Angels” kept us safe and we didn”t nbso online casino reviews have the flat pokies online while driving on the highway.

I”ve got one more gig coming up this Saturday in Philly… then we head out to Texas for a month. My nephew”s having brain surgery and we”re going to help out in any way we can. My birthday wish is simply: A successful surgery for him and a smooth, speedy and comfortable recovery.

The fabulous folks at Truefire.com have launched “Guitar Sherpa” and I”m honored to be one of the first 10 educators to be part of this platform. We”ll be able to teach students all over the world via the internet.  Read about it, come visit my Sherpa Classroom and ask me questions about it! I”m real excited to share my insights, talents and techniques with those who are interested.

In the meantime, thanks again for taking the time to keep up with me. I shall be back….

Peace & Gratitude on this birthday day,


A Trip to Canada…

Hey Hey, Aye? Just a quick hello from the road again. Tay and I have been here in Kingston, Ontario for the past few days. The mission: save Tay”s aching feet. The outcome: SUCCESS! She”s been struggling with a severe case of Plantar Fascitis and has not been able to find relief in the states (sad but true). We are so lucky to have met Pam and the Kingston Foot and Ankle clinic last summer (Pam”s married to Del Vezeu, the promoter of the Canadian Guitar Festival). They”ve come up with a revolutionary method of making “splinting orthodics” that casino online allow your poor, Wrestlers range in age from middle fashion design schools to high fashion design schools seniors. torn fascia to heal without re-injuring itself on a daily basis. There will be more about this in the future, but if anyone of you are suffering from this – check out the clinic. They are the real deal.

News from the guitar world is that I”ve completed my new Instructional DVD,В  “Acoustic Rhythm Guitar Survival Guide” for Truefire.com and it will be available sometime… soon! It”s been an incredible process working on it, prepping for it and collaborating again with the Truefire team.

We”re also gearing up for the launch of В “Guitar Sherpa” on June 10th! You”ll be able to take private lessons with me from anywhere in the world! More to come on this in the next few days.

We head home tomorrow…NJ.

More soon…

Peace out,


Back to the USA….

Arrived home late yesterday….to a rainy, gray Newark Airport and big piles of mail at home, but it”s good to be here.

Lot”s of great memories of the past 7 weeks in Germany, the Czech Republic and Austria. Things standing out in my mind: The Marder that ate through our spark plugs (never knew this animal existed – we call them “Martins” here in the states); finding out my pants shrunk 5 minutes before the gig in Neunkirchen (this is NOT funny – ok?); finally having a Brazilian guitarist (Zelia Fonseca) play with me on my song, “Impossinova”; the tractor ride around Bommersheim; Tay eating ice cream in Austria; getting lost in the Czech Republic and online casino filming with casino online the “Balcony TV” crew atop a building overlooking the Vltava River in Prague….and many more!

The next few days here at home are about learning Dylan lyrics for Saturday”s tribute show at Concerts at the Crossing in Titusville, NJ. This show also features Sloan Wainwright, Brittany Ann & Danielle Miraglia!!

Before heading to Titusville for that show, I”ll be doing an early set – 1:00pm – at the Spring Gulch Folk Festial in New Holland, Pa.

Next week is filled up putting the finishing touches on my new instructional DVD – Acoustic Rhythm Guitar Survial Guide – and preparing for the launch of “Guitar Sherpa” on June 10th, which is an amazing computer platform that enables me to work privately with students all over the world!

Stay tuned…..hope to see you soon!

Peace always,


Tractor ride….

Wow, the last couple of days have been filled with amazing stuff. It”s late and I”m supposed to be in bed now, so this is just going to be a “mini-blog”.

Tay and I had our first Tractor ride with Falko on Saturday. I think the picture says it all….

Vicki, Falko & Tay getting ready for the ride….

The other awesome event was last night”s gig in Hemsbach co-billing with the Brazilian guitarist/singer-songwriter, Zelia Fonseca. It was one of my all time “dream come true” moments to have online casino her accompany me on my song, “Impossinova”!!

Tomorrow we head down Du kan alltsa prova casinot helt gratis och anda vinna pa riktigt. south near Nurenberg to meet with the folks at Shadow electronics. Very interesting stuff they”ve been working on for guitar pickups….we shall see.
Have to sign off for now. Hoping all had a wonderous Mother”s Day!  If you haven”t seen the video we did for my song, “Cause of You”, check it out.
It”s a tribute to all the Mothers everywhere, past present and future!
Sleep well…..


After coming to Germany for 8 years, and talking about it every time – we Finally visited an IKEA store here…just to see how different it was from ours in the US. Yay for us! Most things the same, though lots of German words. A couple of highlights are below….Tay really loved the “outdoor” wooden flooring that snaps together. I don”t recall seeing “stuffed-animal-veggies” casino in the states, but maybe I just haven”t been to a USA Ikea in too long!

Stuffed Carrot & Broccoli

Tomorrow is another chance to work w/ Christian Lauterbach on our “global-dance-trance” record!!! I”d love to put up an audio sample of

Another day in Frankfurt…..

I had a great session with my (German) physical therapist, Petra, today. Well needed, since the pain in my lower back – now about 3 months old, has spread itself gradually up my spine, locking my neck and head in a vice grip.

This is a great way to spend an afternoon!!Wow!


In addition to slinging me up in this contraption, Petra did some wonderful massage work on me and I am noticeably more relaxed. Now…if only I stopped playing guitar and driving, then my back and neck would be sure to stay relaxed.

 I”m working on learning some Bob Dylan songs for a Tribute Concert happening at Concerts at the Crossing in Ewing, NJ on May 21 (details on the Tour page). There are 4 of us all doing Dylan songs….Danielle Miraglia, Sloan Wainwright, Brittany Ann and myself. That”s a lot of words!!! I”ve picked “All Along the Watchtower”, “Like A policyholder who wishes to add a pupil from our best-driving-school.com School to their policy must apply for accompanied driver cover through the Aviva call centre as this cover is not automatically included when a lesson course is purchased. a Rolling online casino Stone” and “Shelter from the Storm”. As usual, these arrangements are turning out to be “Vicki-esque” and quite a departure from their original source. I”m looking forward to the show!

Meanwhile, we also visited the local music shop here in Bommersheim and I replaced my string winder/clipper that I seem to have left at some gig a few weeks ago. They had some really cool percussion instruments like a bass kalimba and an udu with a drum head at the bottom…

very low notes....

Finally – you gotta watch this! It will turn you into a laughing blob!

Gute Nacht und süße Träume!
(Good night and sweet dreams!),


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