One-on-one guitar lessons with Vicki

Keep your eye out - Vicki's 'Lesson Room' will be opening Soon! Focus will be on Open Tunings and unique song arrangements. Single lessons or buy a series! Personalized just for you! Learn More»


"From first to last song this is an album of gorgeousness that simply gets better track-on-track, ‘Something Blue’ offers its bluesy and potent message, ‘Malaya’ in turn casts a hypnotic spell, while ‘Weekday Heartbreak’ makes an undeniable statement. Does it sound as though I’m recommending this album? I certainly hope so. " - Tim Carroll - In the Shadow of a Small Mountain»

NEW Instructional Video!

"Open Tuning Handbook - Rhythm Edition"- is for anyone who's new to the world of Open Tunings and wants to jump in! You'll learn 5 of Vicki's favorite tunings and for each one, she's created a set of lessons including an overview of the tuning, tuning guide, general demonstration of the tuning, and then 3 Performance Studies (etudes) at 3 different playing levels, starting with ‘late beginner’ and then progressing to late intermediate. Watch Promo Video!»
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