3D Acoustic Guitar

How do you brew a veritable renaissance in acoustic guitar music? Mix equal parts of percussion, harmonics and alternate open tunings. Spice freely with tapping, hammers, brushes and groove. Flavor with invention and compelling melody. Place all of the ingredients in the hands of an impressive assembly of masters including, but certainly not limited to, Michael Hedges, Kaki King, Jonatha Brooke, Preston Reed, Andy McKee and Vicki Genfan. Then stand back in wonder and amazement.

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About the Course
3D Acoustic Guitar from Vicki Genfan is a dream come true for we apprentices and enthusiasts of this emerging and exciting new style of acoustic guitar. Three years in the making, 3D Acoustic Guitar is the very first comprehensive study program to pass on the technical skills and insight that are requisite to master the style.

There’s no one better qualified to guide your apprenticeship than Vicki Genfan. Vicki spent the better part of 20 years experimenting with and exploring the use of acoustic guitar open tunings, percussive techniques, harmonic tapping, bass note slapping and all of the other nuances of the style. Her expertise and artistry was clearly validated by winning Guitar Player Magazine’s coveted Guitar Superstar award in 2008, rising above hundreds of other contestants in the annual competition. Judges Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Elliot Easton, George Lynch and Brendon Small were unanimous in their decision.

Vicki has organized 3D Acoustic Guitar into two sections. The first section covers techniques; thumb slaps, harmonic tapping, harmonic brushing, left hand harmonics, body percussion, hammering single notes and chords, vibrato and how to establish and maintain groove. Vicki goes into great detail on each technique and includes very effective exercises and etudes to get you up and running very quickly.

The second section focuses on creating and exploring alternate open tunings. While Vicki composes and performs in 31 open tunings, she thoroughly explores five of her favorites (C2, Dsus, D2, C-9sus4 and C 6/9) replete with six jaw-dropping, full-length performances of her most popular tunes; Cause of You, New Grass, Let It Rain, Impossanova, Kali Dreams, C-9 Improvisation and the award-winning Atomic Reshuffle.

Each tune is meticulously notated and tabbed using a very clear and inventive approach for notating this particular style. Also included in this section, Vicki’s 12 Steps to Exploring New Tunings is in itself, one of the most ear- and eye-opening tutorials on the subject of open tunings.

Perhaps the most significant quality of 3D Acoustic Guitar is how accessible the techniques are and how quickly you will be able to employ them in your own playing. Naturally, honing the skills to perform Vicki’s tunes at her level will take you many years, but this course is really more about getting a grip on the style’s tunings, percussive qualities and right- and left-hand techniques.

Whether you work with Vicki’s tunings or invent your own, as she very effectively demonstrates, you will be generating exciting new sounds and making incredible new and original music from the very first lesson. Join the renaissance!

3D Acoustic Guitar
What You Get
Video software (Windows and Mac) with TrueFire’s Lesson Player, PIP, full-screen, looping, slow motion, keyboard shortcuts, plus…

– 195 Minutes of Video
– Practice Rhythm Tracks
– Text Commentary
– Tab and Notation
– Power Tab


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